faith of a child


Faith of a Child

We were discussing heaven a couple weeks ago in class. In the middle of the conversation, a student named Milla spoke up and said, “You know, I kinda miss being a little kid, when I just believed things so literally, so easily, without any questions.” She went on to tell us a story from her childhood.

Milla said one Sunday someone in church spoke about Jesus coming back. When she heard this, she got excited because she thought they meant he was coming back that day. Her parents had recently taught her how to make chicken alfredo; it was the only thing she knew how to cook. So, that night, thinking Jesus would be hungry from his long journey back to earth, Milla made chicken alfredo and left it out for him on the counter.

Most kids leave out cookies for Santa; Milla left chicken alfredo for Jesus. The faith of a child.

Her story struck a chord with me; it so perfectly captures the way kids approach faith. When class ended and the room emptied, I sat down at the piano and attempted to put the story to song. And I will admit, I took artistic liberty and changed “chicken alfredo” to “cake” because it was much easier to rhyme!

I then added one of my favorite stories from Eleanor’s childhood as the second verse.

Eleanor was not yet four when our dog, Harley, passed away. She came to Betsy and I one day not long after and asked, “Is Jesus my heart?” We said, “Well, yeah.” She ventured further, “And when we die, we go to be with Jesus?” We responded, “Uh huh.” Putting the pieces together, she finally got to her real question, “Does that mean Harley is in my heart?”

The faith of a child.

Both stories, of course, are adorable. But, actually, Jesus seemed to think child-like faith was more than just cute. According to Jesus, such faith is necessary if one wishes to enter his Kingdom. Jesus is quoted as saying things like:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

“Anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”(Luke 18:17)

Child-like faith is a necessity, according to Jesus. But it seems harder to hold on to the older we get. And, speaking personally, I have spent a lot of years and a lot of money pursuing biblical & theological higher education. I certainly don’t regret it. A lot has been gained, to be sure. But I do think it has come at a cost. Like Milla, I long for the faith I had as a child.

That is why her story moved me and why I wrote this song.


When Milla was just nine
in her kitchen late one night
She had heard at church that day
that you were on your way
So, there she baked you
a cake out of her faith
The faith of a child

When Eleanor was three
her dog was put to sleep
She had learned that when you die
you awake at Jesus’ side
She was excited, that meant
her dog now lived inside her
The faith of a child

Something happens as we age
to the magic of our faith
What has been lost
for all that I have gained?

When he was thirty-three
with authority
Jesus said that those who come
to find life in His Kingdom
are not the great,
but those who have retained
the faith of a child

Something happens as we age
to the magic of our faith
What has been lost
for all that I have gained?

God, give me faith just like a child
Sure and simple, pure and wild
Quick to believe so unashamedly

The faith of a child

When Milla was just nine
in her kitchen late one night



Words & Music: Bill Wolf
Videography: Jude Wolf