52 Songs in 52 Weeks.

It is a very uncreative name for what feels like a very ambitious project.

The goal: to release one song per week for an entire year.

The quality of the production will determine where each song is released. Some songs will be released on Spotify and Apple Music. Others will be released as videos on YouTube. And others will undoubtedly be recorded with Voice-Memo-like quality and end up on SoundCloud.

This website will function as the central hub for all 52 songs.

Here you can find links to each song, as well as its lyrics, liner notes, and–most importantly–credits. While the “words & music” might be mine, there are many who must be recognized along the way. The 52 Songs project would not exist if it were not for the time, energy, and talent of friends who have agreed to join me in this adventure.

So. Stay tuned!

Latest Release:

Song of Sinai, Part 2: We Will Obey

Latest Release:

song of Sinai, part 2: We Will Obey