the feat of the sea


The Feat of the Sea

[ In the spring of 2022, I asked a group of exceptionally talented students to join me on my annual Easter: Stories and Songs tour. The show had been on a two-year COVID-induced hiatus, and I really wanted to introduce something new as we returned to the road.

Easter: Stories and Songs consists of 10 original songs and original readings that tell the story of the days leading up to Christ’s resurrection. The students joined us and performed five songs that chronicle the events of a few days in the story of Israel—the crossing of the Red Sea to the promise of their covenant with God. The songs foreshadow in theme and melody the greater liberation we celebrate in Easter: Stories & Songs.

I was floored as the students put flesh around the words and music. They truly brought these five songs to life. These songs performed by these very students will be the next five of the 52 Songs project. Milton Chamblee designed an alternative logo for the songs to set them apart within the project. I am so excited to share them with you! ]

Exodus: Act I, Song 2 – The Feat of the Sea

Ever wonder what it was like for Israel to stand on what once was the shore of a sea and look up to two walls of water precariously towering over a narrow strip of exposed sea floor. “We’re supposed to what, Moses?” “Walk where?” “What exactly is holding that water up?” “Are we positive it isn’t going to crash back down on us?”

Nothing was a guarantee in that moment. This was unprecedented ground; literally no one had walked this path before. How intimidating, how paralyzing. Yes, they were carried from Egypt by God’s mighty hand. But the plagues and the parting of the sea were God’s miraculous feats alone. The Israelites had been passive recipients of God’s merciful power. Up to this point, God had acted unilaterally on their behalf. But this next step? This next step is all theirs. If Israel is to be truly free, they will from this point forward need to actively participate in line with God’s saving plan. Step-by-step, they will need to trust God to hold back the towering walls of water as they slowly march through.

Nothing about this path is safe.
Nothing about it is easy, but it is the only way to freedom.


We watch the sea
as there it parts
Its two walls, they reach
toward the sky

God, aim our feet
Would you still our heart?
Our eyes, do keep
upon the prize

God, give us the strength
to take the first step
Strength to face what lies ahead

The sun, it peeks
from behind the wall
of the side of the sea
and henceforth it calls

But the mud looks thick
And our pace, surely slow
Broken shards, they stick
up from below

God give us the strength
to take the first step
Strength to face what lies ahead

The feat of the sea complete,
but we fear what’s next
God help us to take the first step

The chariots still race
The fear of death not erased

The sea crashes down
as our feet grace the far shore
Let our songs resound
We are free, we are slaves
no more



Words & Music: Bill Wolf
Produced: Kyle Haas
Videography: Alyssa Shepherd

Keys & Vocals: Keaton Stone
Acoustic & Backing Vox: Haley Mailhot
Backing Vox: Chloe McCarthy
Electric Guitar: Ben McDuffie
Drums: Drew Walburg
Bass: Jamey Gorman