no hope remains


No Hope Remains

[ In the spring of 2022, I asked a group of exceptionally talented students to join me on my annual Easter: Stories and Songs tour. The show had been on a two-year COVID-induced hiatus, and I really wanted to introduce something new as we returned to the road.

Easter: Stories and Songs consists of 10 original songs and original readings that tell the story of the days leading up to Christ’s resurrection. The students joined us and performed five songs that chronicle the events of a few days in the story of Israel—the crossing of the Red Sea to the promise of their covenant with God. The songs foreshadow in theme and melody the greater liberation we celebrate in Easter: Stories & Songs.

I was floored as the students put flesh around the words and music. They truly brought these five songs to life. These songs performed by these very students will be the next five of the 52 Songs project. Milton Chamblee designed an alternative logo for the songs to set them apart within the project. I am so excited to share them with you! ]

Exodus: Act I, Song 4 – No Hope Remains

Three verses. It takes literally three verses for Israel to go from declaring God’s saving power to doubting it. Three verses to go from celebrating their freedom and life to complaining of their hunger and thirst. Three verses after arriving on the far side of the Red Sea, Israel contemplates returning to Egypt. Three verses.

If we are honest, there is something so truly human about Israel’s quick turn. They were still learning to trust this God who had saved them. They had been slaves for four hundred and thirty years, four hundred and thirty years of seeming silence from God. They had been told stories and learned of him from their elders. They had recently heard news of Moses’ encounter with him, which began this amazing series of events. But the tenth plague and the parted sea were the Israelites’ first introduction to this God who claimed power over heaven and earth.

Yes, he had saved them. But would he also sustain them? Before them lay nothing but desert sand and empty stomachs. Just how good was this God? They would soon find out. But three verses after singing of God’s defeat of the Pharaoh behind them, they feared his ability to overcome the desert before them.



You’ve led us here
and let us down
The charioteers
may have drowned
but our hunger pangs
have picked up the chase

The burning sand
and blazing sun,
like Pharaoh’s hand,
have begun
our backs to break,
our lives to take

Where is the flowing
of milk and honey
The sea may have parted
but why are we
still brokenhearted

We prayed for you
to come and save
We made it through,
but nothing’s changed
No bricks, no chains,
no hope remains

Who’d ever thought
the promises
of you, our God,
would end like this
God, show your strength
God, save your face
Was there ever a Promised Land
or is this our fate

No bricks, no chains,
no hope remains


Words & Music: Bill Wolf
Produced: Kyle Haas
Videography: Alyssa Shepherd

Electric & Vocals: Ben McDuffie
Piano & Backing Vox: Keaton Stone
Acoustic & Backing Vox: Haley Mailhot
Backing Vox: Chloe McCarthy
Drums: Drew Walburg
Bass: Jamey Gorman